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"Thank you, Ms. Glekel. I am so happy that I found you."
"Your gifted work has restored me to a remarkable state of well-being."

Suzi Stone - paralysis improved

Suzi Stone was paralyzed in a car accident, after driving and hitting a 18 wheeler truck, during a seizure episode. She also lost her left eye.
She was completely quadraplegic, with a feeding tube catheter, and had almost no brain functions, except hearing. The nurses had to wet her tongue.

At the time of my treatment, she had been paralyzed for 2 years.
After 2 hours of my work the client started moving and opening her hands, and she started swallowing after 3 hours. She started speaking after 4 to 6 hours of treatment. She was able to sit in a chair after 7 hours of sessions.
She soon also started speaking to her two small daughters, who had been under the care of their grandmother, since the accident.


A very complex case came to me tied to a wheel chair, since his spine didn't hold him. This 18 year old man, Brian, was a paraplegic, blind and had multiple sclerosis, insomnia and seizures. He was fed via a tube, and a collar supported his neck, for lack of neck muscles. When his mother brought him, he was in a wheelchair.
Here is a photo of this paralyzed young man, before couple of sessions with me, in 2008, and what he looked like after he had started to improve.
After 2 sessions he started to move his palms and fingers. His fingers became opened after the 3d session. The whole hand was bluish to start with, and the color changed to yellow, because the circulation improved.
He started to use his neck muscles and to hold his head without medical collar support after just 3 sessions with me. He could now hold his head up, he no longer needed support of the collar, and the collar was removed.
After 5 sessions his spine held, and he could sit up. He had not been able to do so for nine years...

A 10 year old boy had been hit by a car, as a 3 year old, on the sidewalk outside his Houston home. Since then he was paralysed from the neck down, and his body below the neck didn't grow properly.
When I first saw him, he had no muscles below the neck, but was only bones, and the hands were fixed in the same position as after the accident 7 1/2 years earlier, sticking out from the body. His lungs were beginning to collapse and the doctors supported his lung function with a special machine, attached to his wheel chair, to help him breathe.
His nerves were atrophied, and no doctors had been able to help him.
But he had a smart & live look on his face, and could talk. I first worked with him for appr. 5 times during 6 weeks. After 2 hours he started to use his lungs. At the next session he didn't need the machine, his lungs were strong enough.
When his spring vacation came, his nurse Jane brought him to my office every day, for 7 days in a row.
On the 8th day, all of a sudden I felt energy move through his right shoulder. The boy, Itzy, felt it also, but he didn't know what it was. He had never moved his muscles before, and had never felt this sensation before. I had to try to explain to him what it was. I said, you can now move your hand - concentrate on this place, and try to move it. He liked me, and tried to follow my instructions. And his hand moved towards his body.
I called for his nurse to come, and said: Itzy, show Jane how to move your hand. He started to move his hand. Jane then started to scream so loud that a woman knocked on the door and asked if everything was ok. Soon he was able to move his second hand as well.
Now he is in community college, and his hands are normal.

In my experience, every damaged and paralyzed child has great potential to learn to move, via correct energy-work.

A Houston man in his 40's, got Multiple Sclerosis at that age, which was genetic. His sister also had MS, but she got it much earlier.
This man was unable to walk, he was either in bed, or in a wheelchair - when I started to work on him. Both of his legs were completely paralyzed, and one hand. But he could use the other hand a little bit. After working on him a couple of times, one leg started to have circulation He could then bend his knee, and also started to be able to stand up on one leg. Then his other leg became better, and he was able to walk to the car, using a cane. Soon one hand and both legs were active again.
He improved substantially, got a girl friend, and moved from town.
It is incorrect that genetically acquired illnesses cannot improve. Several of my successful cases, with great improvements, have had genetical causes.

paralysed from stroke
A young woman, 40, was brought to me by her father. She had lost her speech and the hand and leg on her right side were paralysed. She couldn't speak at all.
Her mother had had a stroke at the same age. This was in 2009.
After 4 sessions she started to bend her right knee.
After 6 sessions she started to speak words, and also came out of her depression.

At one point I had a 92 year old client who was completely paralysed from stroke 2 years earlier. When I started the once-a-week treatment, she sat paralysed in a wheelchair, did not speak, except for possibly a yes or no, and her skin was full of reddish spots and veins.
1/2 year later she could move the legs and hands, and she was conversing (almost as before the stroke) with her daughter on the phone, and the red spots had disappeared. Note that acupuncture treatment for one year had not made any difference for her.
The length of recovery time depends on the volume of the damage in the brain, how active the person is, the oxygen abundance in the air that the person breathes, etc.

I would say that CST (Cranio Sacral Therapy) is one of the most effective and safe methods for stroke in existence today.

Children - Case Stories
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"Before they brought her to see me, Amelia's family paid $23,630 to conventional medical doctors to treat her scoliosis and headaches.
The cost of her CranioSacral Therapy: $300.
A mother's relief: Priceless. "

Ken Piercy, MTI, CST-D, Dallas, TX, Straight Talk on Scoliosis

"Here you've got a young man who's been almost killed in an altercation, then a year later is pretty well paralyzed on the left side of his body, can't talk, can't do anything. Then five years later - a worse accident. (He was run over by a road grader - a machine about 30 feet long and 38,000 pounds.). .... "The lymphatic and CranioSacral work released everything".
Dr. John Upledger "CranioSacrally Speaking: The Will to Persevere "

Cranial Sacral, Bio Cranial or Cranio Sacral therapy
enhanced with Bio-Energy, Bio-Mechanics, Somato-Emotional Release, Visceral Manipulation,
Functional Endocrinology, Reiki, EFT, Theta Healing & Medical Clinical Qigong Therapy

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