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(Advanced Cranial Sacral, Bio Cranial or Cranio Sacral therapy - enhanced with Theta Healing, EFT, Bio-Energy, Bio-Mechanics, Somato-Emotional Release, Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Functional Endocrinology, Reiki & Medical Clinical Qigong Therapy)
Simona Glekel M.S., L.A., L.M.T., Q.C.M.T.
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"I have received CST before, but not with this powerful effect."



I have found that through CranioSacral therapy many families can find help with these devastating diseases.
In March 2002 I had a lady who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's after being in confinement and under restraint in a psychiatric hospital room for months. Two years earlier she started getting withdrawn from reality and losing her memory. She was coming once a week.
When she first came she didn't know who her daughter was, just that she looked familiar. After a couple of sessions she recognized her daughter, then she remembered her daughter's name, then she started remembering the exact time her daughter last visited.
My client's daughter is very happy about her mother's improved memory: after 5 months her mother recalled very old family friends, who lived in Europe. And there were many other positive changes: more friendly, communicative, balanced, with less mood swings. Over time she got more and more stabilized, both in memory and emotional conditions. Her family used to complain that she was "very stubborn", but they now say it is easier to communicate than before.

In 2013 a man with severely displaced cervical discs sought my help. I worked on Craig for 2 1/2 hours the first session, and 2 hours the second session. At that point the displaced disks had returned to their original location. Also, the pressure on the nerves disappeared, and he recovered completely from his pain and discomfort.
Note that during this who time I did NOT touch any bone, did not touch one piece of vertebra! Instead I worked with balancing the movement of spinal fluids through non-invasive methods, and with improving circulation in the central nervous system, working only on soft tissues. I also empowered the lungs via Qigong, and corrected the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) using CST (CranioSacral Therapy).

In 2012 a 54 year old lady with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) came to my office. One of her legs didn't function, she dragged it behind her. Her eye-sight was failing as well, due to MS. Using CranioSacral Therapy, I worked with her for a total of 16 hours, during 6 weeks. After the first session she didn't want to leave, she felt so good, she said - so we extended the session to 3+ hours. In the end her leg regained full function, and her eyesight improved as well. She said that she now often forgets that her leg was once dysfunctional, after it started functioning so well.

In 1999 I had a a piano player as a client, who had been diagnosed with Parkinson three years before. One of her hands had strong tremors, and she could no longer play the piano. She had difficulties holding her spine straight. Since Parkinson causes damage of the central nervous system, it affects the sense of balance and causes the spine to lose strength, plus the client is not sure where the ground is. After 6 hours of CST this woman became well enough to be able to cook, and play the piano with both hands. She had to stop the treatment there, even if not fully recovered.
Also, a man came to me with strong tremor in both hands and severe edema - his ankles were very swollen. He had chronic Parkinson since 6 years, his kidneys were quite destroyed, he didn't want to take more medicine and was looking for a non-invasive treatment. After the first session, that lasted two hours, the tremor stopped. After the 3rd session - the ankles were not swollen anymore. This man said: "I have received CST before, but not with this powerful effect."
I had another case, a retired man with Parkinson and severe damage to hips and lower back, he couldn't sit down due to pain, and came with a nurse. After appr. 6 hours of CranioSacral Therapy he didn't need the nurse anymore, could take care of himself and was even accepted into Seven Acres nursing home.
(It is amazing to witness the remarkable power of the body to heal itself, when blockages for healing are removed. But of course you never know in advance what will happen, how much improvement you will get and how fast.)

A lady called me, who had not been able to sleep for many nights, and had strong anxiety. I gave her a 1 1/2 hour treatment. She called later and said that she now was feeling fine and was sleeping soundly.

Migraines are excruciating headaches, which usually immediately take the sufferers away from normal activities. Migraines affect not only physiological conditions but emotional and psychological as well. They affect communication and can create misunderstanding or/and destroy future communications. Migraines diminish productivity and quality of work and life.
I have had very successful experiences with migraines of different nature. Usually migraines are resolved relatively quickly, unless they are the result of fetus development complications during the mother's pregnancy.
I had two young women in their late twenties who approached me for help with this type of severe migraine, that they had suffered daily since they were 2 resp. 4 years old. One recovered after 4 1/2 hours, and the other after 7 hours of CranioSacral Therapy.

One of my clients, who approached me with request to help with Restless Leg Syndrome, was in her 70's. Her mother and grandmother also suffered with Restless Leg Syndrome until the end of their lives.
My client recovered from this genetically acquired neurological condition in two and a half months of non-invasive, gentle treatments (of the brain and spinal cord ).

One of my clients was on disability due to Chronic Fatigue for almost 6 years prior to approaching me for help. After our 6-7 hours of synchronized work, she got off disability and returned to work, back to her favorite designer's work.
My approach to clients with Chronic Fatigue syndrom is very deep assessment of all his/her energetic patterns and life style. After which I use a combination of Bio Energy methods, including CST, to increase the patient's vitality and energy.

Drug addictions, alcoholism, smoking usually respond effectively to CST.
One of my clients who used to drink before and after work is now, after 15 sessions, not drinking at all.
Another client had brain damage from drugs to such a degree that he could only sleep a few hours per night, and had lost two jobs. He is now drug free, his brain has completely recovered from the addiction, and he is continuing his professional career.

Since CST helps the brain to detoxify, it may help many American teenagers stay away from drugs. Of course there is a deep psychological reason why somebody starts with drugs in the first place. This topic is close to my heart - I remember my own daughter's teenage years and all the dangers and temptations. CST can be used as effective preventative therapy for middle and high school students. First, CST helps the brain get rid of chemical addictions already there. Detoxification of the brain is why CST usually also will improve study results and intellectual performance, make the student more productive, more balanced, less agitative and fighting, more peaceful. As a result, the need for chemical stimulation diminishes.

Face-lift clients will benefit in the following way - CST eliminates TMJ syndrome (Temporo Mandibular Joint disorder) that sometimes comes as the result of a face lift. It also brings flexibility and a softer smile to the face - since tense skin is often a problem after a face lift.

A 72 year old lady came to me with severe gangrene in one foot. She had been told nothing could be done for her, since she was also a diabetic. After the 3rd session with me, her pain was gone and she could move around like normal. She continued the treatments, since she also had congestive heart failure, that she hoped would improve as well. Her cardiologist had given her a date for when she needed to set-up surgery. The date came, and when I next saw her she could hardly speak, being so excited. She no longer needed surgery, she had been told, since her heart condition had improved.

Paralysis Case Stories
Children - Case Stories

"Before they brought her to see me, Amelia's family paid $23,630 to conventional medical doctors to treat her scoliosis and headaches. The cost of her CranioSacral Therapy: $300.
A mother's relief: Priceless. "

Ken Piercy, MTI, CST-D, Dallas, TX, Straight Talk on Scoliosis

"I have found this work to be so exciting that I now not only use it as an assessment tool for all my clients, but for at least 80 percent of treatment. My caseload is almost entirely "end-of-the-line" chronic pain with which other therapies have failed.
I am amazed at the results I am getting using CranioSacral Therapy"

Judith Bradley, P.T., San Francisco, CA

Cranial Sacral, Bio Cranial or Cranio Sacral therapy
enhanced with Bio-Energy, Bio-Mechanics, Somato-Emotional Release, Visceral Manipulation,
Functional Endocrinology, Reiki, EFT, Theta Healing & Medical Clinical Qigong Therapy

Simona Glekel, Houston
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